Hey people.

Firstly, I'm for the most part an electric guitar player but I'm looking to get into acoustic stuff (finger style, blue grass etc)

I know the only way to pick a guitar is to play extensively but I'm just wondering if I could get an idea of guitars that play very nicely, have a nice tone, reputtable brand etc.

I was playing an ovation that my friend owns yesterday, the thing felt like my gibson neck and the action was perfect. Could play very fast on it, very smooth.

Just looking to get some ideas.

Want to get a decent guitar so don't worry about price.

Thanks peeps.
i've never been a big fan of ovation, but to each his own. the best two (steel string) acoustic brands, in my humble opinion, are Guild and Taylor...the latter has better low-end models...get some elixir strings and have it set up professionally...you'll never go back to electric.
Seagull has some good stuff too
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Martin and Taylor are awesome brands, but rarely will you find something decent under $1000. Ovations are primarily for electric players who want to dabble in acoustic, but most primarily acoustic players despise them. That's just how it goes: you love them or you hate them. Seagull and Yamaha have awesome introductory guitars, particularly the Yamaha FG700 and Seagull S6


Guild is also very reputable, but I don't have enough experience with them to recommend a particular model.

I'd stay away from the brands that have phenomenal electrics (Fender, Ibanez, Dean, the like), just because they tend to be total rubbish designed to snooker electric players who don't know jack about acoustics.

What I should have opened with is asking what style of music you're looking to play ("fingerstyle and bluegrass" is a bit vague) and what your budget is, but here we are. Also, how willing are you to compromise on what a lot of crossover players expect (electronics, cutaway, etc.)?

EDIT: Just saw your remark that you're not worried about price. In that case, I would recommend you get a WWII-era Gibson J-45, because if money is no object, why the hell not?
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Ovation is as close to and electric 'feeling" guitar as you will find. My Elite-T has action very close to my electrics. Even my 12 string O has a faster action than most 6 string acoustics. You can find Ovations with and without cut-aways and they come in 4 body depths, but they are all round backs except for the contour bodies. Some people complain O's are too hard to hold on to whil playing. Honestly I and many others have no problem holding them while sitting down. Plugged in, they will play whatever style you like, thats the beauty of an Ovation. Unplugged, they can sound thin compared to other wood guitar.

Lastly, I second the Elixir string comment. But I still play whatever guitar suits me at that moment, acoustic or electric.
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Acoustic guitars will comparatively have a higher action and be somewhat more difficult to finger than electrics.... You need to have enough mechanical energy to make the guitar vibrate, whereas an electric must merely excite the pickup's magnetic field.

That being said, any acoustic guitar can be adjusted to play easily. Some have "slicker" neck profiles than others; that's just a matter of taste.
Many of the very fastest acoustic pickers (Doc Watson, as an example) actually prefer a higher action and heavier strings; it's as if the pick "bounces" off the stiff strings.
Ovation has been popular because they sound good when plugged in and are essentially bulletproof; great for the touring musician. Acoustic tone is....OK.