on a lick like this, do you have all your fingers on the string or one finger fretted at a time?

i don't know if that is the most efficient and clean way to play a descending lick like that.

I know if it is an ascending lick i wouldn't have one finger on the fretboard after hitting the first note.
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I think it would depend on what that phrase then goes into. I try to play economically so if I were to play that I would play it without all fingers fretted before hand. But again I think it depends as to what the next piece of music after that is.
Keep all four notes fretted at first.
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I would fret them one at a time as if you have all four on the fretboard at once, then I find it harder to lift one at a time which seems to cause me to tense up so I play it slower.
I do a lot of exercises that require me to fret with all four finger at once. Like others have said i think it just depends what came before or what comes next.
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No, I don't. I only put a finger on a fret when I use it. Or if I'm pulling off to it, ever-so-slightly before hand. I don't like leaving my fingers on the neck.
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all depends on what else is in that song, what are you coming out of and what are you going into

I can't see an example of when that would be a factor.
Only fret what you must to play something, otherwise you're just doing more work than you have to.
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I wouldn't fret them all at once except if it was a legato run. But that made me think if it's a good idea even then? This might seem like a hijack but how would you guys play it if you were only to play pull-offs?