So recently me and my buddy decided to do some metallica covers and write some stuff. Just recordings an stuff. He does vocals drums and solos and i got rythem. problem is theres no bass....so i'm gonna buy one. so i'm new to bass and i've looked at the squier precision bass and it sounds like crap. so could you recommend me a bass and amp for under 400$ needs to sound half decent and ok for metallica. i plan on going used
Do a bit of research (search bar) before posting a thread such as this, I can count probably 20 threads started in the last month where very similar questions have been asked. I'm getting tired of seeing so many "Pick a good bass for me plz" threads. Theres also a FAQ called "The Ultimate Bass Forum FAQ" stickied.

My advice is to search around on craigslist or kijiji and try to find something for the price range. Also go to your local guitarcenter or Long & McQuade and try out whatever cheaper bass guitars/amps they have and find something you like.
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Look for a used Squier Classic Vibe or Vintage Modified Precision or Jazz bass, those are some of the best budget basses out there that you can start on. Other good bets would be the Ibanez GSR200, Peavey Millennium BXP, or Yamaha RBX170.

As for an amp, see what you can find on the used market. Old Peaveys, Ashdowns, and Kustoms usually aren't too expensive. If you find yourself forced to buy new, the Peavey MAX series amps and the Acoustic B10 and B20 are decent amps to get started on.
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Which 'Tallica era are you doing?

For some of the Newsted stuff, he used a 5 string. I THING Rob uses a 4 mainly, but breaks out a 5 to do the 90's stuff. Cliff was all 4 string (Rickenbacker, Aria, and Alembic).

If you get a 5, look into an Ibanez SR(405 or 505), BTB or ATK serieses; a 5 string jazz from Rondomusic.com; or a Squire active 5.
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