2 good amps that are for sale in a local store and i came here for advice (as usual).

I play alt punk, hard rock and some metal. Which do you think would suit me better??

Also and most importantly i will be playing a Bogner Alchemist head through it.
Hughes and Kettner by far. Peavey cabs aren't terrible but their sound doesn't live up to their price. The H&K should also be loaded with Celestion V30's, which are used almost everywhere.
yea ive head peaveys are hit and miss.

the h&k is a tri amp with greenbacks in them, which if i remember correctly is the kind of speakers bogner uses in the alchemist cab.

also its going for 300
For $300 I say go for it. You're practically getting it cheaper than most decent 4x12's on the market.
My Peavey 412ms cab is factory loaded with Celestion G12K-85 speakers. It slams! See if they'll let you pull the back panel off to take a look?
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that was my plan, im leaning towards the h&k cause i know my alchemist was ment to b run through greenbacks
Take your guitar and head to the store and try both out. Then you'll know for sure!
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