I've been listening to Pandora as of late, and I keep coming across obscure acoustic artists that have these jazz sounds in their playing. I can't fund their tabs since they are small time or jsut starting out, but does anyone have any recommendations for smooth jazz/blues acoustic music/tabs?

Thanks for your time
I feel you man, I would suggest if you want to learn a lot of these jazz songs is maybe look on youtube for lessons for the songs or covers and see what they are fingering. Or you could look at common jazz chords used and try to find out what you are hearing, its fun that way, so you learn a bunch of chords on the way and maybe find a melody you like for your own songs
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Hmmmm, I dont feel i've progressed far enough to expand like that, but I'll just keep browsing till I can find something. But thanks for the push Matt. And those links werent quite what i was looking for Prim, but thankyou anyway.