My high school buds and I are trying to put a Progressive/Groove metal band together. Our influences range from classical stuff like Chopin, Bach, and Vagner, to extremes like Meshuggah. (If you haven't heard of Meshuggah you need to look em up!)
Just to give you a better idea our biggest influences are probably Pantera, Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Lamb of God, Meshuggah, and the classical stuff.

We don't have a name yet because it seems like every legit band name is taken. We had settled on Apocrypha only to discover that there is a rather accomplished thrash metal band under that name.

So far it is looking like our line up is me on lead guitar (and maybe some vocals?), my friend on rhythm guitar, another friend on bass, and another on vocals. The 4 of us go to the same school. We have friends already gigging in their death metal band Maldevera (look em up on facebook!!) and so we know how to get gigs.

We need someone who has a suitable drum set and is proficient enough to play in crazy time signatures like 13/16 or 9/4 for example. Since none of us have cars of our own it is important that you live near us in Dallas (75220 area code) unless you are willing to haul your drums around for practice.

Oh and anyone want to share some band name ideas?