I have got offered to trade a Omega Modded Deville for a Marshall DSL100. I already have a 4x12 Carvin with Vintage 30's in it. So is this a good deal?
you will be getting the marshall? hmm, idk.

depends on how you like the voicing of your carvin, does it sound british enough for you? cause if so, i'd keep the fender for the classic blues sounds
Not really a fan of the DSL range personally, I had a deville and loved it!
I'd say go try the marshall, and make your decision from there
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Higher gain?
I say get a dist pedal and run it through the Deville those things take pedals really well. The Wampler Triple Wreck get a lot of love here. If youre after the Marshall tone, then I suppose its an ok trade. Bear in mind that the Deville is a really good fender whereas the DSL is an ok ish marshall. The best Marshalls (subjectively) are the older ones, ie the JCM800's/900 SLX's/JTM's/JMP's/Jubilees.
I've used both amps extensively in rehearsals and in the studio and while the deville is more versatile, I like the Marshall better (I own one), but I'm just a marshall kind of guy.
It really depends on what you're playing. I was in an indy band for a fair while and would have taken the deville over the marshall any day, but these days I'm playing different stuff
devilles go for slightly less on clist locally than the dsl. moneywise, i'd say you are ok.

tonewise, is up to your ears.

how much is "slightly more" distortion than the deville?
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I'm needing something slightly higher gain.

there is the more drive channel on the devilles, crank it up all the way, set to more drive, and then add a fuzz onto that. you will be getting some heavy tones.
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This is almost exactly what my band plays/sounds like at the moment:
I get something somewhat comparative with my Deville but I thought the Marshall would be a little better at achieving these tones.

You need a distortion pedal. Or a completely different type of amp.
The DSL will never get a tone like that, no matter how hard I boost it, unless im very much mistaken. Even if you get the level of gain right, its not tight or gritty enough. It sounds a lot like a 5150/6606 to my ears

If youre on a tight budget, I say get a used AMT Electronics pedal off the bay or something, and run it into your Devilles FX loop.

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every once in a while my band plays a multi band bill through this one promoter/performer who always has everyone run through DSLs. i cant stand them. the other guit player in my band plays a deville with a satchurator, i'd take it over a DSL for sure.
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