This is a more complete version of a song I posted last month, just looking for some feedback on it, I was going for a 90s Megadeth thing but it took a different direction into a more Hard Rock sound, also I had help from a guy on here named tarbosh on the bridge part(just giving credit where its due),oh yea the drums are just thrown together to make it sound fuller, anyway like I said any crit or feedback would be appreciated Thanks.
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i really enjoyed your riffs, i felt the megadeth feeling specially at the last bar of your progression with that diminished chord BUT this is too repetitive!! no vocals cant fix that
to kill this repetitiveness i think you should try to add more riffs on different keys...and adding a little pentatonic solo is an option aslo...and another bridge could be nice also..
work on it more!

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1460782
thanxs for the advice, im still working on the solo, a better chorus, and a third part to try and kill the repetitiveness
hey man i really liked this but like others said its waaaay to repetetive , its like im listening to just verse's , where is the chorus ? break ? solo ?

i mean you dont need to have those in your song but what you have just now really ruins the potential it had , i think after the second verse at bar 89 you should add a chorus , since your building upto something in the verse's but it never comes and just drags on.

so i really think this song needs a big overhaul , throw away everything after bar 89 since its just boring and theres just not enough variety , and from there on i think you can have a really good song if you work at it enough.

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