Hey mate,

I really like this song. I am guessing all the drumming you have done was programmed? It sounds really nice anyhow... especially the kick! The guitar track is solid the way through especially in the solo. Even though I am not too big a fan of this genre of music, I really enjoyed your vocals. Would you be able to post lyrics up? Also I really enjoyed the intro - A real good lead in to the rest of the song! 2:55 is also a really great part of the song and I would love to see it live. I love how to song is so dynamic and always changing.

- Matt

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generally I really dont like music with growling or screaming but your riff work was awesome. the riff at 1:38 was perfect. My only complaint is the drums during the intro, idk it seemed like it was a marching rhythm. Not bad tho
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Ok here we go. First thing is the snares should have more verb and pop more if their going to be this great marching thing.....

OK NOW we are sluding along, this is fun! very sort of downtempo stuff.... BREAKS INTO RIFF PARTY!! This is fun! We are just chugging. I think if you let a little more HIGHS through, the mix would be better. I find the vocals are lacking PUNCH and AGGRESSION. It feels like they were whispered instead of RAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWRREEEED into the microphone. They need a bit of VERB and COMPRESSION I feel.

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