It's not quite complete...still in need of some adjustment...hopefully it will sound better once vocals and drums are added.
Purgatory Emporium.gp5
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It's like you take vodka, and then dilute it down until it's pretty much water, but still call it vodka, and proceed to pretend to get heavily wasted off it.
I'm really don't listen to this kind of music. Somehow it's really messy in my opinion.
The taxidermy made it sound weird. I don't know if GP6 is ****ing up with the sounds,
but I didn't sound good. Props for composing this music, but I really didn't like it.

And it repeats itself too much.

If you like this kind of music keep doing what ever you doing now.
I literally never listen to such music, but I'll try to do a fair crit anyway

I really like the first two atmospheric chords from the Deceased Kitty (bar 1-2), the Bloated Frog Corpse sounded a bit weird to me at first, but after listening to it a few times it does sound all right.
However, bar 11-14 could really do without the Taxidermy, it doesn't seem to fit, other than that those bars are not bad

The harmonization at bar 29-32 seems unnecessary, however, the harmonization of the next few bars (33-34) makes it sound somewhat scary, bar 37 and 39-41 seem like you just threw something in there (Ragamuffin-Vampiric Form) (again, I don't listen to this kind of music), I'm thinking you could use it later though.
Also, as blacknex said, it is a little repetitive

Bar 67, Ragamuffin~, I do like it.

The one thing that gets repeated too much, in my opinion, is bar 27-28 (Ragamuffin).

Sorry I couldn't do better, hope this will do