Basically i haven't really sang in a while (or used my voice musically for that matter.)
and was trying to find artists who had low voices that i can sing along with.
so im pretty much open to any genre as long as it sounds good. acoustic is a plus
just so i can play along too doesn't have to be though.
kind of want to start using my voice again so anything good should be fine, tips are welcomed too.
thanks in advance.
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the first half of gunslinger by avenged sevenfold... maybe. it's a gorgeous song nonetheless.

how low are we talking?
505 by arctic monkeys is low-ish

if you're looking at songs that you can sing in a small-ish range, to get back into singing, it's often just much easier to take a song you like and sing it in a lower key. with most good rock songs, drop the vocals down by a fifth or even an octave in some cases, and sing along with it there. it might then go too low, in certain places, that's why it's good to know your range by notes/octaves, so you know what key you'd like to sing stuff in, and just transpose stuff.
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I agree with the fellow with the Han Solo avatar, The National have some great low baritone to bass vocals.
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Eric Clapton to an extent, more in baritone range than bass.

Eric Bourdon too, Ray Charles(although he had a very wide range, but mostly he kept kinda low)
Ivan Moody from 5FDP.
i hate the band, but he has a really low singing voice.

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Adam Turla - Murder by Death (has a very Cash-ish voice, try Shiola or Foxglove both good acoustic)
William Elliott Whitmore
Tom Waits
Phil Anselmo (not so acoustic)
Dicky Barrett - Mighty Mighty Bosstones
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