So I just got a UNO LP D-Classic Cherry Burst to try and get into the rock genre, and was wondering what recommendations you guys got for an OD. I was initially thinking of a Fulltone OCD or a Boss OD 3 but I've been getting mixed reviews for them both, with people saying they work better for single coils.

My kind of music: Muse, Metallica, Smashing Pumpkins etc kind of rock.

Oh, and I have a budget of S$200 tyvm.
My amp is about average I think. Can't really recall the model but you can crank it up quite a bit. I have a Strat too but I wanna concentrate on rock (Led Zep-esque) for now since it's kinda a new genre for me.

And I was thinking of the Big Muff too but where I come from, they don't sell it and, being an impatient kind of guy, I want it NAOO haha. I'll keep the Shredmaster in mind if I can find it.