Okay so I decided I wanted a wah when I realised I had a nice amount of money to spare, this meant I had to go and scour Ebay for a bit. Came across a few good looking deals, I thought I'd probably end up with a low end Vox wah, or at the worst a Dunlop Crybaby, not my ideal wah, but I don't have the money to go for a Morley Bad Horsie or anything like that. Anyway I came across a few that looked alright, ended up with this:

A Morley, my preferred brand, that's a good start!

I love how massive Morley Wahs are.

Okay, so now it's not hard to guess it's a Morley Classic Wah. Their cheapest offering, but I got it for less than half it's new price (£30) and it sounds pretty good so far! Probably won't settle with it forever but it'll do for now and will always be good to have just in case!

I can also see why I got it for so cheap, the bottom reveals just how old it seems to be:

The battery cover seems pretty industrial! And the advert (never seen a pedal with an advertisement on it before ) shows two products which aren't made anymore.

Anyway, I haven't messed around with it enough for a review really, so to make up for it, here's a video showing it off a bit:

It actually manages to excel better at some non-classic sounding stuff, contrary to it's name!
I mean, it does the same old Voodoo Child shit that a "classic" wah would need to do fairly well, but I think it sounds a bit better when used to embellish clean extended sounding chords.
...but I will be making just about everything twice as funky with this thing too.

I also love how this sounds when used just as a filter. When half cocked it has a great sort of "Steve Vai lead" honk to it.

So yeah, just thought I'd share!
Good choice.

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i have the same one bought it recently at GC. only cost $25, despite it being in the used section it was obviously new and never used. pretty sure thatthtese were from a warehouse find which would explain the stickers being old. the wah works really good for me and i bought it despite having just bought an Ibanez WH-10 3 weeks prior. gotta love a good deal.
nice wah. i love me some morely pedals. happy new wah day!!
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Cathbard, it appears it has been a good choice! I wasn't expecting to be enjoying it as much as I have been. I knew I'd like it, but not this much.

Juckfush, yeah I'm really digging the sound coming from this pedal. Gonna enjoy over-using it live.

Monwobobbo, argh! Way to make my deal seem less special! Congrats on the nice find though! I was also looking at the WH-10, but they always seemed to slip away from my fingers. Though now having played this Morley for a large part of the day, I'm glad I didn't go for one to be honest!

Iheartgun, cheers, I've had a Morley fetish ever since I got into Steve Vai, really dig their sound.
HNWD man, one my buddies is considering getting a morley wah, I like em
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