I have a 2x12 Avatar cab with a Traynor YCS 100 head, is there any way i could edit either of the two to power my led bar i have for my cab (http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320733375201&ih=011&category=10171&ssPageName=WDVW&rd=1)
because on stage it is sometimes problamatic to always find an outlet available for me head let alone my led. Also if the above is possible is there any way i could connect it so that the led would only shine when the guitar is making volume. So like for example i hit a power cord and the light comes on or i'm not playing anything and the let goes off. Thank you!
I take a power bar with me to every gig because I know finding more than 2 outlets close together is rare
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your cab most likely doesnt have power. so you will have to power the led bar from the head if you want to go that route. youve got an extra cable running from the head to cab for power, so might as well just grab a power strip and go that route.

as for the other thing, yes, it is possible. depending on how the led strip works, it might be fairly straight forward to add in a circuit that does that. or you can take the easy way out and build a simple control relay that switches the power on and off.

step one would be to split your guitar signal. i suggest the front half of this circuit:
you will notice that you need 9 volts dc. thats where you power strip comes in handy, just plug in a cheap-o converter like one you would use for a pedal. now that weve got the signal split, half goes to the amp, the other half is our control.

now take that control signal, and rectify it. youve not got a dc control signal. i would run it through an amplifier first, just to beef it up a bit, but nothing real drastic. after rectification, i would run it through an op-amp set as a comparitor. ground your low input, and run the control to the high input. high rail at 9VDC, low rail grounded. now any time your control signal is above zero, you will have 9VDC on the output of your comparator.

so we now have a 9VDC control signal. run that to the coil of a relay, which obviously needs a 9 volt coil. run the 115 volt AC signal that powers the lamp through the contacts of the relay.

it would be simple enough to build inside a box. just have two inputs, one for power and one for your guitar signal, and one output, for the power to the led bar.

again, depending on how the led bar works, it may be simpler than that. but my way still isnt too tough.
Thanks very much jof1029 i'm just gonna get a power bar/estention cable, and to be honest i have no clue what your talking about but my guitar tech/electrician/cousin says he does. So thank you very much and u to Josher.