Hello UG,

I've been having this problem for a while, but since I got my tube amp, I can hear it more clearly.
Whenever I strum 'hard', I can hear a crackling noise, and when I turn my tone pot, the crackling noise gets louder. I have got this ever since the knob of the pot came off and the nut came loose a little. I tightened the nut, but since then I got a crackling noise.

Any ideas on how to solve this or should I just take it to a guitar tech and let him take a look at it?

Thanks, Bauwke.

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It possibly is an easy fix, but if you aren't sure what you're doing taking it to a tech would probably be the wisest idea - if you try it yourself and do it wrong, you may end up doing more damage and end up having to pay the tech more to fix it.
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You can try cleaning it by spraying some contact cleaner into the pot. There is normally a gap in the pot's housing behind the tags. This is a stop-gap measure however. The correct solution is to replace the pot.
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