I feel stupid asking this question, but i really have no idea.

Can someone please explain the difference between fuzz, distortion and overdrive? I know they all create a distorted sound but what is actually different between them?
A very brief description from the effects part of the new FAQ I was supposed to finish months ago. Good chance to see if anyone disagrees with me actually.

These three are often grouped together so I'll write about them together.
Distortion is created by compressing the peaks of your basses signal and then adding overtones creating a gritty, harsh sound.
Overdrive is really more of a "push" so to speak. Originally used to push the tubes of tube amps into clipping. In the bass world they're pretty similar birds
to distortion.
Fuzz is more rounded and "wooly" than your average distortion. The best description is well... Fuzzy.
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Best way to understand the difference is to hear the difference.

Distortion: Boss ODB-3
Overdrive: Tube amp pushed, tube overdrive pedal.
Fuzz: Bass Big Muff Pi.

Always remember: the companies lie. They call fuzzes distortions, distortions overdrives, etc.
After reading that my question doesnt seem all that nooby after all! but thanks for clearing that one up for me
the difference is visible in the sound waves or something if you look at a graph, there's one on the wikipedia page that's pretty good