Ive been wondering....

Do you fellow bassist think that I could get a Hofner sound by using a Fender jazz bass with flatwounds? Maybe LaBellas? I wanna try it.
Hofner basses have hollow bodies, so they are usually known for their warm tone.

I would start by rolling back on the harsh Trebles, and boosting the warm Mids on an EQ.

I would also give it a VERY Subtle Reverb, to increase the depth.

Flatwounds would help too.

Now, I am no bass expert, I'm primarily a Guitarist/Producer/Keyboardist, so I might be totally off with this, but this is my best guess.
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Would I be right to assume you want a Paul McCartney, Beatle bass sound? If so the either Pyramid Gold flatwounds or Rotosound 88 tapewounds. Roll off the tone down to about 2/10. Play with a pick.

Don't go with the obvious choice and favour the neck, Hofners use humbuckers so use both pickups.
Nope, Fenders sound and more importantly play nothing like a Hofner. My main bass is a Hofner 500/1. You can't get that sound with EQ and strings. The way the notes sustain changes how you play.

You know....a Hofner would look great in a stand next to your Fender!