So it looks like my MultiFX isn't going to sell on eBay, after much asking price reduction.

Do you guys have any hints and tips on how to advertise items for future reference, and how to make your item more appealing and likely to sell? I don't know if there's something im doing wrong. I put the item # in my user title, should I post it on some other music forums? Advertise in shops?.. I need the money to get my first hollowbody!
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I think you can pay a few cents extra on eBay and have it come up in more searches somehow. You can also try craigslist, local music stores, local telephone poles, etc.
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I don't think craigslist is much of a big deal over here.. I've never heard anyone outside of UG mention it.
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Ebay is all about user rating...

More you sell, the more are most likely to buy from you
In the item description I usually put in words like, RARE, VINTAGE, FAST SHIPPING... I use caps lock in the description too, to make it STAND OUT. Like I'm YELLING AT YOU TO BUY MY SHIT. Which seems effective.
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Bolded title, attention grabbing key words (Rare, Mint/excellent/like new condition, + Extras), and a very good written out description section. Photos are a HUGE help aswell. Lots of em.

Also, youd be surprised how much offering free shipping helps.

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I almost always use gumtree. It's the only UK one I can think of that you can post an ad selling music gear
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Make it like the guy that was selling the "Mint green ford focus" a while ago. That ad was brilliantly stupid.

Like he said you could fit 3 cans of beans and a packet of crisps on the dashboard and then attached a photo as proof.
I would have suggested putting a lot of time into the description but it looks like you already have.

Other than that post links to youtube demonstrations that make it look good obviously. Ooh you've got that.

The part that you haven't got in bold i'd put bolder and the other stuff non-bold, that way people will be drawn to what it can do easier. Post more pictures?

Also, Gumtree is pretty good for us UK'ers. I've never seen Craigslist but it sounds pretty much the same minus the creepers.

EDIT: You aren't doing anything wrong from what I can see, you're not really doing any different as to what i'd do.
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