I've actually had this guitar for a few days, but it needed some work before it was ready for upload. So here's the story....

My cousin got this guitar a few months back. For some reason, the bridge pickup stopped working, then the neck pickup. After trying to fix it himself, he eventually gave up on it and asked me if I would take it off his hands, on the condition that I fix it so it's not just sitting there gathering dust.

I agreed, as I am probably more knowlegable about fixing guitars than he is. After looking around it, I found a wire that was pretty much destroyed. With the help of my father (who is an electrician and quite experienced with fixing guitars, even though he doesn't play) we fixed it, rewired it and got it up and running. Here's a few pics (sorry for the bad quality):

It's a Les Paul copy by a company called Cruiser, who are owned by Crafter. 22 frets, set neck, 2x tone and 2x volume controls and 2 humbuckers. A traditional Les Paul layout. The neck is slightly thicker than my other Les Paul, which is the way I like it. Slightly shorter scale length (24.5'' if I remember?).

After only playing it for a couple of days, this guitar has made a good first impression. The neck isn't so smooth, as shown in the last picture, but the bottom half is smooth as silk. No problems with the intonation or the action. The rosewood fretboard feels a little strange, but no ridges or bumps.

Overall I could not of asked for anything more than this. After spending around £8 for a set of strings and a few screws, this guitar is a damn good guitar. Suitable for beginners, intermediate and professionals may want to look a bit higher than this. But still a solid machine to get some mileage out of.
wow, free pretty guitar!


I wish I had friends like yours, one of my friends just offered me a used Ibanez Gio for $250, I laughed
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wow, free pretty guitar!


I wish I had friends like yours, one of my friends just offered me a used Ibanez Gio for $250, I laughed

No worse than what I've seen around here. "Hey man, anyone want a Squier strat pack for $300? It's hardly used, just needs strings and tuning.."

It's laughable how many ads I've seen on Craigslist for guitars being sold simply because it isn't tuned. Non-guitar players don't realize it's not like tuning a piano or something
hngd dude, good job working on it, it sounds like it turned out nice
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Ha ha love you to dude ;-)

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Happy new gear day! Looks pretty cool, shame about the neck finish.
I dont like the uncovered/covered pups either.
Pop that biatch off or buy another!
Hngd nonetheless!
I had one of those (breifly) years ago! Sold it for forty quid to a mate's brother when I upgraded. Decent for learning a few licks on.

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Nice, HNGD!
Free guitars are always good, no matter what :P
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