I use a LOT of vibrato and practice it every day. I want to have perfect vibrato for whenver I want it. Recently I started working on it more (sit down with a metronome, ensure bending in tune, practice for an hour or two). I find after an hour or so my index finger (which I mainly bend from) starts to hurt like hell. It feels sore all over the top, not the kind of sore like "im getting new calluses"...

Pressure causes it have a dull ache. it gets to the point where I can't do any string bending or vibrato because the pain doesn't make me continue. I can still fret notes because I use minimal pressure as required, but it's still annoying.

Is this natural? Is this something that if one works long enough at it the finger gets more endurance? I've been playing for more than half a decade so enduring a kind of pain on the guitar is sort of new to me if you know what I mean.

Have you experienced this? Can one do too much string bending?
Currently im 10-42 gague with 4 springs on the back; Eb.
If it's a technique issue, how should it be done then? Because I always use my wrist (and sometimes the full arm depending on intensity).
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Sliding and putting too much pressure can make your fingers sore, but I don' think doing vibrato shoud harm your fingers that much, even though hours of play useally do that.
I think your technique is the problem, and when your saying you use the whole arm to do string bending makes me very sure. I haven't seen you do it, so it's hard to say what you should do... but make sure that you use at least 2 finger when bending, and never try to put all the pressure on a single finger.
Still you can fo vibrato with a single finger, but you should try to do it with more fingers if yours are thin, like my fingers.
If you got a tremolo arm, bending can be more difficult without one, since the bridge can get affected by the pressure of the strings when bended, but I don't knwo for sure.
I don't think you should be practicing for hours without a break in the first place either.
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I had really bad index pain for awhile. I'd recommend giving the index finger a little break. I can't speak for your problem, but I figured out my problem was I was keeping my index finger a bit too straight and it was very slightly locking up at the joint when I'd bend with it.