So on my artcore, i put the original nickel pup covers on the SD's, and really didnt notice much change. the covers still had some wax in them, but i didnt rewax them or melt it, which i probably should have.
now, heres the first thing i notice. if i tap the cover with my fingernail, it acts like a piezo (nickel vibrates, pups pick it up), loud and clear.
heres the best part though, if i hold it up, and talk into it, my voice has the same effect vibrating the nickel and i can talk through my amp loud and clear too
is this a symptom of not waxing it before putting it on? it doesnt move or do anything weird while im playing, so im not too worried about it.. just thought it was interesting
yea some pickups can transmit sound. i know incubus did segments of their songs vocals through a semihollow with really hot pckups
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put your phone playing music behind your guitar (right behind your pickups) and get the music thru the amp. works best with single coils

haha yeah even my watch gets picked up by it,
better yet, try putting your finger over a computers fingerprint reader while youre holding the guitar you get some weird noises then!
Might be microphonic once you turn the volume up high enough, meaning you'll get horrible squealing. That's the typical problem you get from not wax potting a covered pickup properly.
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Paul Gilbert did it in one of his songs

That's just what I was thinking, Get Out of My Yard is the shit.

OP: Don't worry about it too much, it just happens.
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