Well, about a year ago I picked up a Framus hollowbody with a set neck for £10 off of Gumtree.

It was in a shocking condition when I got it, covered in scratches. It had a couple of ferrules still in the headstock which proved a massive bitch to get out. My brother managed it with the claw on the back of a hammer in the end.

First coat of paint on it.

Just after the last coat had been put on.

Headstock painted. All it needed then was drilling and assembly.

It's done! I assembled it and soldered the pickup in earlier. As you can see, it only has three strings. That's because I'm an idiot and the only strings I have at the moment are Fender strings, designed for either a Tele or a Strat, so they aren't long enough. As you can see, the input jack is being held in by a Strat jack, but my brother reckons he can get the original from someone he knows. If not, I'll make one out of perspex. There's also a volume pot sort of hanging there.

Well, from the three strings, it sounds amazing. I wasn't expecting much; the humbucker is a neck pickup off of a cheap Ibanez, yet it sounds fantastic. I whacked a massive amount of distortion, yet there was only a tiny bit of feedback. I was shocked.

But yeah, will be getting a set of strings that fit tomorrow and will properly play it.
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