[REQUEST] Easy GazettE Song (Could only figure out the bass, help with Guitar!)

Hello my dear friends! ^^ I need help...

I need to learn this favourite song of mine because I want to perform it with my band...
I was only able to figure out the bass but can't figure out the guitar parts by ear (though it's a pretty easy song)

Here is my Bass Tab and I'm new to this but I hope you can understand it..


Juunana Sai (Original)
Juunana Sai (LIVE)
Juunana Sai [Remastered/Acoustic Version]
Juunana Sai [Vocal Removal/Instrumental, Acoustic]
Artist: The GazettE
Tuning: EADGBE [Standard Tuning]
Language:Japanese (A song about love and sorrow. Doesn't matter, please help me figuring out the instrumentals) ^^

I would really appreciate if someone could tab the guitar parts or make a Guitar Pro file of the song! I prefer the old original version or the LIVE.

Hope someone can help me Please Take care my brothers
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