I dont know if this is a stupid question or not, but why dont you get any basses with a vibrato bridge? Ive never really thought about it, but it hit me the other day.
Not commonly wanted/needed/used. You can get them. Warwick (and a few others) offer them as a Custom Shop option, I can't remember which model they use though. Hipshot and Kahler make bass trems, maybe others too. I wouldn't mind getting one for my Jazz one day.
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oh right. i thought it might be something like the strings put too much pressure on the springs.

Most are aftermarket, but a lot of companies are introducing models with floating bridges etc.
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One day they will create a drop-in replacement for Fender style bridges, or at least a bass Bigsby.

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ya...say WHAT?

I always had some unit with a Kahler on it. here's my current one

and what it had on it before:

and I had the same bass in black, just a righty:

and a Tbird I sold to a friend years ago:

and as the others are showing you many, many more brands.
as far as pressure? hahaha no they make a very stable string platform.

the only/only/only thing is if you break a string...you better have a backup because all strings are on the cam and if one goes, they all go out of tune.
tuning to DGCF/EADG or CGCF or DADG whatever once it is in tune it stays there forever ( at least on mine they always have )
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