Yep. So its not QUITE in need of it yet, but i never really paid any attention to the fretboard on my applause/martin "thing", and its getting close to in need of it. when i bend on it in some spots the string will actually roll instead of slide along the fret

but heres the deal. the frets are literally part of the metal fretboard. theres no wood.
the neck its attached to isnt even wood, its some kind of hard foam that was painted brown at the factory to look like wood! so not only can i not remove the frets, but i cant remove the fretboard either! no wonder theres no truss rod, and the setup is perfeecccttt right now.

i guess my options are to build a whole new neck (which i hate to do because i love the tone i get out of this with the metal fretboard and foam neck), or, first thing im going to try, is contact ovation. surely they thought of something when they designed this!

anyone ever heard of this? doubtful because even a google search comes up with about 2 references to this guitar at all!
That seems pretty sketchy... I'd never heard of anything like that, but maybe you can get some very fine sandpaper and carefully sand down any problem frets. I'm sure someone's going to call me on that as a bad idea but its all i can think of. Best of luck.
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turns out this is the first applause guitar from the 1970s.
"...the neck was constructed from cast aluminum. The truss rod, peg head, fretboard and frets were die cast in a single unit, producing a neck immune to warpage by the effects of string tension or climatic change. High density polyurethane was built around this neck structure to give the feel and look of a traditional mahogany neck, and the resulting design provided excellent sustain, playability and good looks at a very low price."

i just spoke to ovation. they said "sorry! we werent thinking about replacement parts in those days..." =(
he said the factory that made this model isnt around anymore, and none of the machinery is even around from the factory.
what i want to TRY and do is email them, see if i can get someone higher up, and see if theyre willing to work something out for me on a neck because im a "loyal customer"
unfortunately, their FAQ addresses the Ovation Matrix, which is the ovation version of this from the early 70s, and says they dont make them anymore and a suitable replacement may not be cost effective. =/

but its worth a shot
Hey, anything's worth a try. Sure you'll find something though.
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aha! i found one guy that said he did it

"I ended up filing the soft aluminum frets off and refretting it with a hacksaw and epoxy. It worked great."

thats a scary thought when im looking at this thing, but it may be the only option
Definitely sounds like it could be a route to go down. Better than buying a new guitar.
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is there enough of the frets left to reshape with a fret file?
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meaning file them all down a little? id have to look closely, ive never done something like that.
the way its designed apparently is some metal coated over the aluminum for the frets or something, so they dent AND wear.