hey UG I'm getting the Jeff Loomis sig in 2 weeks when i travel to Dubai, a salesman at the store told me it costs about 1314$ but he can offer some discount I'm guessing 10% what do you think? I was thinking of telling him to remove the discount and give me a case instead?
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Haggle. Try for a 20% discount.


If there's one thing I've learnt abbout Dubai in my travels there, you can always get lower than what they offer you for it. I bought a Lacoste t-shirt for like 50% of what the place was advertising it for. Screw them to the wall mate.
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Ahhhh Yuck Fou.
I have an Arab mate; he said that if you pay the asking price for anything over there (as in the Middle East) then you're a retard. Then we smoked a lot of weed, so I don't know how accurate an Arabian stoner is.
I would make sure it was authentic as well. In my travels in Qatar and UAE, I found a lot of knock-off items being sold as the real deal.

Just sayin...
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