So, what the main diferences, anvantages and disadvantages for these two amps?
We're talking about combos, the 6505+ with 1x12'' and the 6505 with 2x12''.

From what I've heard. The 6505+ is tighter sounding than the 6505.

I don't have any idea if either of these two are true, but they seem vaguely familiar:

I remember something about an EQ and a Noisegate on the 6505+, but don't quote me on that.
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Not sure about 6505+ vs 6505, but I would take a 2x12 over a 1x12 any day. Little heavier, but fuller sound.
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From what I've heard. The 6505+ is tighter sounding than the 6505.

Speaking about the heads, this is wrong - The 6505 is tighter and more aggressive, whereas the 6505+ has a bit more sag and is smoother.

As far as the combos go, they're probably pretty similar, the 6505 2x12 is a cross between the 6505 and 6505+. Personally, I don't like it as much as either head. As far as the 6505+ combo goes, I haven't tried one, but from what I've heard, it's much more similar to its head version than the 6505 combo is.

I'd probably go with the 6505+ combo, just because it's smaller, weighs less, and isn't going to take 2 people to move it. I will never buy a 2x12 combo again, they are bulky and very awkward to carry with only one person, not to mention they weigh a shit ton.
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