Hey guys, I just replaced my strings for the first time with some D'addario 9's. I love how they feel and I didn't realize how much of a difference new strings made. I'm thinking about going to Guitar Center and picking up a few packs of different brands/types of strings to try out in the next few months to see what suits me best so I'm looking for suggestions.

Right now my list is simply, D'addario EXP, Elixir (i don't know which is the better one, nano or poly?), ernie ball and DR. I think I'm gonna stick with 9's since that's what I'm kind of used to right now and thats what my guitar was set up with.

Just try them all.
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I'd recommend the Elixirs. Nano and Poly are similar, but different. Poly has a thicker coating, and will feel like a coated string. Nano is a thinner coating, which sounds better, and feels and plays better.

Bottom Line: unless you sweat Muratic Acid, get the Nanos over the Polys
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Just try them all.

Thats gonna take a while xD

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yes do exactly as you've written, go and try try and try ^^ I've tried lots of different brands and types and for me it's elixir with nanoweb all the way, so i definitely recommend trying out those
I think most of the standard strings (eg. Ernie Ball, D'addario, Dunlop, Dean Markley, GHS) have subtle differences but generally perform around the same. My guitar tech who kicks ass uses GHS Boomers. If I recall correctly he said for him they have been the most reliable brand and they tend to have the best string tensions for intonation. He also didn't favor coated strings like elixir - can't remember why. Really if I were you though I would just get my guitar setup with a particular brand of strings (say D'addario or GHS) and stick with it.
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DR Black Beauties.
they are coated, last forever and always maintain a great tone. i have been using them since they came out. love em
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Just try them all.

+1. String recommendations are pretty much useless because of how preferential they are. It will take a while, but at least they're cheap, and you have to swap strings anyway.
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I used Fender 250s for a while, but recently switched over to GHS Boomers. Make sure you try out all the strings you can though, that's the only way to tell what strings are right for the tone YOU are looking for.
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I wish some shops had a sample pack of strings. That would be so convenient.

they actually used to have that (was like a pack of strings from different brands) at the place i order strings from, but they don't seem to carry it anymore. Well you can make a pack like that 'manually' anyway =P