Who else is coming?! It's going to be my first year! (And first UK festival, haha!)

IMMORTAL...finally, after 4 years since last seein' 'em at Wacken 07!!!!

Also, my band The Furious Horde are playing the New Blood Stage on Friday!!! \m/ If you're coming, join us for drinks and metal tomfoolery! XD

...I also can't wait to see Lawnmower Deth live!!!
Looking forward to going to Bloodstock for the second time. I think they should try and get more bands though.
Use the search bar in future. Theres alredy a pretty substantial thread for the festival i made after last years festival as a general thread for all things bloodstock. Also this is essentially a way of promoting your band, which is restricted to a specific sub forum.

I'd give you links for the boa thred and promote your band sub forum, but i'm on my phone and doing anything takes forever :p
Oops...sorry AnnihiSlateR! :s I don't post on forums that much, so slip up sometimes with knowing how to do stuff and the etiquette etc...XD But I'll use the searchbar in future! (It wasn't solely for talking about my bands slot, I do genuinely want to meet up with people there and talk about it as I've never been, but I thought I'd mention it also as I'm pretty excited about it )

(...shiiiiiiyat...I made a couple of band threads too...maybe I should check those out, they might already be made o_o)
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