I written a lot of poems over the years. Some have won prizes. I've copied some below for you to play with.


Beauty left the world deceived,
Our hopes for which we shall grieve.
Endless clouds of black and grey,
Burning barns of Golden Hay.
Concrete monsters ravage towns,
Cities weep on polluted grounds.
Stars fall from such great height,
Forever under the Yellow Night.

Our dreams return to ages past,
When man's delight would surely last.
The day was filled with glorious light,
The night exposed a wondrous sight.
Water flowed across the land,
Reaching out to untouched sands.
Oh, we had such sacred peace,
Blessed, purer, and less meek.

What marvelous creatures we must be,
We'll produce a world so great to see.
With towers plastered in blacked smoke,
We'll make great wonders, then finally choke.
Our Homes destroyed and left to be,
Our roads will crumble into the sea.
This world will perish through our plan,
Then we'll fall alone as man.

What sweet eulogy will mark our place,
Should visitors come from outer space?
Should we go for flowery verse,
Or admit we are perverse?
Please allow my arrogant plan,
A verse that truly sums up man:
"Oh, how great we once where,
Barbaric mammals lacking fur."
© Copyright 2009 DRHF

Where Glory Fails

There is a world where glory fails,
Its flower dulled by the endless swells,
To follow nature is to pretend,
Heroes fail to face their end,
Our doom’s search blades dulled,
By the failure of our soul’s way,
To glory bound, by faithful service,
To our nature let us be slain.

On endless fields of the dead we search,
Forever great deeds of endless hurt,
Yet try to find a perfect name,
Glory shall be our blame,
Is not for fortune we our born,
Among such endlessly sworn,
To faithful service to such a vice,
Guaranteed death but lack of life.

In a world without virtuous cause,
Is it not us who are truly at war,
To nature’s beast I may be,
Endlessly lacking yet I see,
Only contentments finally reached,
Forever my fancies, realities are impeached,
Such a man as I may be,
Glory please forgive me.

© Copyright 2009 DRHF
the truth is, poetry and lyric writing seem alike but the are different.

the lyrics are supposed to enhance the emotional progression, along with the melodies and arrangings of the instruments.

poesies can be sung however, but it's not the perfect match for songs.

by the way, your poems have a perfectly accurate rhythm. they are interesting.
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