Hey guys. Sorry if I posted this is the wrong column. It seemed to fit here above anything else. So I was wondering if I can sort of train my voice. I can't sing and I was wondering if there are any exercises that can at least help my vocal chords out? Im not looking to be the next Bono with the high pitched notes or Michael Jackson if you want to go that route. All im looking to do is sing OKAY. I write alot of songs and it sucks alot not knowing how to sing decent. I understand if its too late. I just turned 15 and yeah you all should know what is happening with that haha. But could you give me pointers on 'training' to sing? Or something like that?

Thank you for your time
Main thing is to do scales to warm up, and then learn to sing songs that use a voice similar to yours and learn them well. Basically, you practice by doing. Any idea what range you have?
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Quote by Deathro
Fairly low. Maybe tenor. Or something like that.

Low = bass
fairly low/fairly high = baritone
high = tenor

Get lessons. It's one thing to practice, but if you don't know how to produce your voice, then all you're practicing is the things you are already doing.... which isn't what you want to be practicing.

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