I just turned on my amp and it sounds much quieter than normal. The tone doesn't seem to be affected much, though. It just sounds like it's turned down. Normally setting the master volume to 12 o'clock is ear-suicide, but it's barely above bedroom level now.

Is one of the power tubes going out, maybe?

If somebody could help me out, that would be great! Thanks!
I'd check the tubes to see if any of them are making any weird glowing patterns compared to the others. A tube may need replacing
This happened once with my Marshall amp, I thought one of the tubes broke, but apparently the jack input in the amp was becoming loose. Trying moving and wiggling the jack connector while playing and see whether the sound goes back to normal or not.
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It may not necessarily only be a power tube, one of your preamp tubes might be going.
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First thing to try is to pull each tube out and spray the contacts with contact cleaner and push them in and out of the socket a few times making sure that at the end they are seated properly in the socket. Tubes do rattle loose and get filth in the sockets at times. Try cleaning them first, if that fails start replacing them.
You should always have spare tubes - a full set of power tubes and at least one preamp tube. Use your spares to find the faulty one by systematically substituting the new tubes into different positions. Once you find the faulty one replace the spare you are now using. You DO have spares don't you? If not, why not?
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