I finally got to use a real microphone to record some music. I went all out and made sure I had clear vocals (also loud enough), a consistent rhythm, drums and a good guitar riffs. So please give me any feedback. This was all recorded at once, not edited besides taking away the silence at the beginning and the end. If you like what you hear please sub to my channel


I c4c, so leave a link and i'll try to get to it as soon as possible.

nice vintage feel here! The vocals SEEM like they are good, but they aren't loud enough! This seems like really fun and RARE NINETINES STYLE ALT ROCK but where all them vocals! I'd give it a shot, you could even just record over this track, and do the vocals seperate. DO THAT! Lets here that! You could up the drums a lot too. Do you know what COMPRESSION IS? Wow this is such a wayback playback to 90s movies about high school.


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Hi and thanks for your review ... ok here is mine ...

this is a hard nutshell for me to crack cause this is far beyond the music i use to listen ...

i think this is kinda nineties hischoolmovie influence?? dunno ... it is for sure realy great vocals on it though i have a hard time to hear it cause the guitar s a lot too loud ... and the drums and vocals much too quiet ... as nightwind stated before ... there are some easy tools as compression and eq you could use to get this to an realy high level ... i like the melodies so far and the music (though it is not my style) transports exactly the mood i always have if i am looking at those movies ... REALY WELL DONE ... but give modern technique a shot and get some software like REAPER and some good tutorials on mixing to make it an aural pleasure ...

thumbs up

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Hey, thanks a lot for your review.
For your track, like others have said i think you'd really benefit from trying out some software like REAPER. Track each instrument individually so you can focus on getting a good sound from each and make them sit together properly. Done well you could still keep your really nice vintage sound. This isn't normally the kind of thing I listen to, but it kept me going to the end so I guess that must be a good sign! There's also quite a lot of string noise, i'm sure I can hear your plectrum hitting the strings which can be used to great effect but there's a bit much of it here, try sitting further away from the mic when recording guitar. And I haven't tried it, but i hear fast-fret and moisturiser work wonders for reducing the high pitched string scrapes as your hand moves around the fretboard! A narrow EQ notch at around 2050Hz has also made some significant improvements to string noise for me in the past.
Look forward to hearing more! Keep it up
For its sound it is really good, it's just not my type of music. That's not taking away from it though, it does sound good. The vocals need to be louder. Other than that man I actually think it sounds pretty good. Nicely done.
Thanks for your review.

I really like the feel of this and the main chord progression is great. The kind of staccato guitar parts (like the one that starts at 0:47) are a nice touch.

The vocals sound like they fit with the guitar part well but as others have said, definitely raise the levels on them. You could just dub over the vocals if they're currently in the same track as the guitar and you can't adjust levels.

I also really like the solo -- it fits well with the overall feel of the song.

Other than the vocal levels, the only thing I'd say is add some variety to the drum track. Short of an actual drummer (which I can't get my hands on either), you might take a look at FL studio or another sequencing program. With just a few hours of figuring the software out it's easy to write your own drum lines so you can add more variation.

Thanks again for the critique. Keep it up!
I like the garagey feel. That rough and raw sound appeals to me.

As mentioned before, the vocals are too quiet. I reckon you should add harmonies / backing vocals as well as another guitar riff, perhaps higher up the notes to add contrast - spice things up a bit.
Hey pagosapig!

Thank you for the kind words on my track! Was really appreciated

Regarding your track. Its well thought out both guitar and vocal melody are really catchy. Its's a shame the production lets it down a little because it seems to have real potential. The vocals defo need to be louder as mentioned in previous posts. Did you not multitrack record this at all?

I'd like to hear a properly recorded version of this track as I think it has some good potential. I'll be happy to guide you through the set up of PC and recording procedure on Skype or something if that's something your unfamiliar with?
Vocals need to be louder as everyone else has said. From what I can hear of the vocals though, they're being sung very softly and should sound more aggressive. Would also sound good if you could add bass and make the drums louder. The chord progression is cool though and the song has a lot of potential.
I think it'll be a really easy fix to get that stuff sounding better though, and then you'll have yourself a great song.

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