i had my guitar plugged into my amp, and then i had a double male sided chord plugged into the headphone jack in my amp and then hooked into the mic jack in my computer.. it was the stock jack that came with my cheap computer case, so this could be why it broke. it broke in like 2 weeks of use.

I really want to record in 2 days but I dont want to bust the mic jack in the back of my comp because that one is the better one (connected straight to the mainboard) so i just wanted to know if there is a cheaper safer way to connect my amp to my computer.. also, i had my amp's level turned up pretty loud and i think that's why the mic jack busted. i was just trying to get the full sound of the amp but maybe that wasnt smart.

and i dont wanna spend a ton of money because im not doing professional recordings, just amateur recordings of my "band" just for fun.

@ Drummerrrrr?
yeah for now, i will not be buying anything that is 200 dollars just to record some recordings for myself, but thanks for letting me know what i should be looking for

@ Odirunn
thanks for the link, i didn't realize that you could change the sound quality to studio quality. But since ill be plugging my amp into my good mic jack, can i get some confirmation that it IS in fact safe to do as long as my amp's master volume is low?
oohh okay thanks, yeah im sure i do, let me just fiddle around until i find it.. is there a difference? i recorded my vocals through the mic jack and it sounded pretty good, but should i have used line in for that too?
line and mic are different levels of signal. a microphone needs a preamp because it is a weak signal. after you run a mic through a preamp, the output is line level. so the mic input has a preamp attached to it, while the line input does not.

with your amp turned up, you probably had a decent level of signal going. you then amplified that more, and that is probably what overloaded your card. the best thing to go for is a line output on the amp to a line input.

also, if youve got a solid state amplifier (which im guessing because it has a headphone out), then you dont really need to crank the amp to get the best sound. moderate levels will be fine.
oh that makes sense, so since my mic isnt going into a preamp or anything, just straight into my computer, it should be in the mic input, but since my guitar goes through my amp, then i should use line in. awesome, thanks for the explanation!
now that i put it in the line in jack, it isnt picking up any sound though.. is there somethin i need to do? nothing looks like it is muted or anything.
ope nvm, apparently the line in is defaulted as muted and you have to go into a weird place to unmute it, sweet, can't wait to record