I searched the forums and i didn't find any results so....... i made this one
i was listenind to devil wears prada today and my grandma is a religious person and told me to turn it off said a good christian boy shant listen to that stuff .... lol..... then i put on as i lay dying here we go again....... then norma jean ...... styper... it never fails !
so this is the christian metalcore forum btw devil wears prada new album after summer.....yay!
Obviously you Grandmother has not heard Immortal, Slayer, Gorogoth, EyeHateGod, Cnal Aunt etc. Play those through your stereo and be done.
Oh, btw, get some earphones or and ipod, if you can afford acess to a computer you can afford 2 dollar earphones to plug into your stereo.'

Some good RELIGIOUS band's I listen to:
Orphaned Land. Muslim, from isreal, peaceful, lovely music.
Good starting point is the Never Ending Way of OrWarrioR album, lots of progressive time signature changes and shit, the song Barakah has the intro change time signatures every bar. EPIC. Brootal. Lovely clean vocals as well and middle eastern instruments.

And Dream Theater's John Pettruci is Catholic.

Could just become one of those christian Scene kids and listen to Creed, Skillet, Heavy Commison and random christain bands like that.
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Listen to whatever you want who cares what your grandma says.
I am a christian that plays christian music live, but if all I ever did was listen to christian music then I would be missing out on a lot of inspiration.