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TS is just looking to attract the rare females of the pit with a false picture.

false picture? ill take that as a compliment i guess...
It looks like you're getting fuller of yourself every week.
I didn't know Robert Downey Jr. visited the Pit.
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so yea 4 months ago i decided i was really out of shape, too much guitar playing and sitting at the computer, so i started to work out.

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Looks like you did well. There's a health and fitness thread somewhere, though.

i had no idea thanks
that's pretty good for just 4 months. keep it up, you'll look even better after a year.
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its called the exercise and nutrition thread, nice helpful guys in there, that looks like fair progress.
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go to exercise/ nutrition tead and/or join bodybuilding.com forums

anways, you'r doing good! keep sweating and lifting heavy and youll see some abs. your chest has come a long way, but if they ever start too look a bit man- boob like, do some incline bench, it helps your upper chest tons.
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Have you given up Cocolate as well?

i'm sure he's at least doing his best to lower his colesterol.
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Man, I'm exercising to try to look like the first picture.