What is this boards general opinion on old (early 90's) Crate halfstacks?

Out of curiousity
Depends on the model.
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I'm not sure about half stacks but my gfx-65 was actually a pretty good deal for $120 used. It sounds good, as long as the volume doesn't go past 5 or 6, but that's plenty for a full band practice. For a cheap solid state it was a great deal. Reverb isn't total shit either.
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Crate FTMFW! I love my 90s BV120 head to bits, so if that's what you're looking at they're a great option for the low price they command. Many moons ago I actually owned another Crate stack, a G1600XL which was a solid state model from some time in the 90s and it actually wasn't half bad. Nothing spectacular but decent. The cab was a little ordinary, not a lot of low end to be had and for some reason they matched a 160watt head with a 100 watt cab which was a little odd. All in all I've really liked the Crate stuff I've owned
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