So I played a used low end ibanez guitar at my local shop today. The action was perfect, it played like butter. The only problem is that I don't remember the model. It was a RG350 something or other. It was black, had a reverse headstock, floyd rose with a locking nut, and two 'designed by EMG' pickups

Anyone got any ideas?
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Ibanez Rgr320EX maybe? Sorry new here and dont know how to post picks but google it it seems to fit the description

theres a link.. not sure if it works if not then cut and paste
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RG321EX I think. It's the only low end Ibby still being produced that fits that description (that I can think of). If it was a used model I guess it could be different.

check the website to be sure.
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Sounds like an RGR320 to me.
NOTE: The models with a 1 at the end of the number (321 etcetera) will always have a fixed bridge unless it was modified, and it's generally a LOT of work to retrofit a double-locking trem to a fixed-bridge guitar. The EMG designed pickups suggest modification has happened, though.
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