I was over at my best friend and long-time collaborator Neil's place one evening a few months ago, and after a few pints we decided to cover a Guster song which we'd recently seen performed on an episode of Live From Daryl's House.

Memory of the night is pretty hazy, but from what I remember, it went down this way: I played the two acoustic guitar parts to a click, Neil then did the acoustic drums. I then did the little keyboard lead, and sketched out a bookmark bass part on keyboard with full intention to replace it with a real bass. Then I played a very subtle organ part, and Neil played the bongos on the keyboard. I did all the vocals next. It may not have been in that order.

Anyway, I had fully intended to replace all of my own parts, but you know... it's a cover. For fun. My career does not hinge on the perfection (or in this case, the total lack thereof) of this particular recording.

It's missing a solo at the end and it should fade. But you know, it sounds pretty damned good for a drunken night of recording.

Clarke McMurray - Satellite (Guster cover)