I'm thinking about buying a guitar with midi but its a 13 pin jack. Usually these guitars are run through a guitar synth like the roland GR-55 but I'm looking to just run it through my soundcard right into logic pro and use those effects but I don't know if its possible. Does anybody know how this would be possible?
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It's not midi. It's the Roland interface. You can buy a midi converter that takes the Roland interface, detects the notes, and outputs midi.
Yeah you need the Gr55 to convert to Midi. From the 55 it will go USB to your computer and you can assign software sounds to the track you record the mid information on.

The GR55's usb passes audio and midi.

The 13 pin one is basically just a hex pickup output isn't it?
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Get this and hook it up to your pc

Then get one of those midi to usb things. I have the m-audio one that works fine.

Works just like a midi keyboard controller.
Quote by Cathbard
The 13 pin one is basically just a hex pickup output isn't it?

Yes. 6 signals