Anyone here had got punch or slap from a girl.
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I'm not a fan of "got" punch. I'm more a fan of "lost" punch.

EDIT: "got" slap on the other hand...well now you're talkin'.
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Off topic, but this is the singer of the hardcore band Punch. She is a girl

And her name is Shane?
Yeah but she knew she had done wrong

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btw im in hs and im almost 18 so if u do think she was flirting with me dont say that its wrong im almost a grown man.

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Hopefully you had got a hardcore punch.
Yeah, most of the time just playing around. I once seriously got beat by a girl though. She was pissed.
Been punched by guys a few times.

Can't say I've ever been slapped by a girl, and I'm a sex pest!
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Yes and she fucking dislocated my jaw. I woke up hungover one day and my face hurt SO BAD and I'm thinking "man someone punched me hard!" All week I asked around but no one knew who punched me. Eventually at a party at the same place I believed I was punched I was asking random people if they had hit me, and my like 90-pound friend is like "Yeah that was me, you were being a total dick." So we kissed and made up, no hard feelings (except in my penis). That girl is ROUGH. One of my favorite people.
I was angrily slapped by a girl. Hurts

What I did was spit a piece of gum into her hair. In my defense, it was accidental, it just short of shot up, but I did laugh my ass off at the time. She couldn't get it out (because she was doing it wrong) so she ripped some hair out, and then she came to me, threw the hair at me, said "This is for you" and then slapped me with all her rage behind her palm.

It's cool now tho.
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All the time, you're not flirting unless you get a slap.

Hell yeah! I almost find it satisfying!
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All the time, you're not flirting unless you get a slap.


nothing says you're getting laid tonight like a martini to the face

we'll be together someday, man
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Of course. Not in my face though.

Just mess around somewhit and annoy them. They start to hit.
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I'd been going for a month or so.

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oh **** you
Yeah, when I used to be at School a bitch slapped me. I didn't even do anything. She was with the bully crowd anyway. Meh.

Oh, and from my friend once, but she didn't actually mean to do it, as weird or hard that sounds
This will start a RIOT! in me
Not in a serious manner. If a girl did that she better get prepared for a 'paddlin