hey guys i'm new here (my first thread) but i'll look over anyones stuff if they're willing to give me some advice on this. its a song, i was going for something with a kind of empty feeling, so let me know if these lyrics would work for that kind of thing. thanks!

Every needle
Every thought twisting your head
And leaves you breathless

A glimpse of peace
Of my loose hope
The faith behind the science
The voice inside the silence

Here are the shapes
The bends and lengths
Cracked windows of the storefronts
The victims of the burn

But you are lucky
You are the words worth speaking
Worth hearing while I stumble

‘cause I’m a criminal
I want to take you
i got them steamrolfer blues
Pretty good for a first thread, particularly like the lines:

''The faith behind the science
The voice inside the silence''

But I don't know why.