Ive two options either HD 300 (i cant afford higher than this) or X3 live

I know HD 300 has less amp models than X3 live. But it surpluses in the effects section against X3. I mostly play classic rock, blues, post-rock, ambient stuffs and for this I want the effects to be relatively authentic.

So, is it worth buyin HD 300 since its a first entry of HD series im dubious abt it.

Which one to go for ?
the thing is there are sooooo many pros and cons to these kind of pedals it really comes down to what you need.
people are going to tell you that it is better just to buy stompboxes and individual pedals and
im not disagreeing or agreeing but it really comes down to what you need.
anyways get the HD if you plan on record stuff and the x3 for playing live.
but try them both out and see which sounds better.