I plan to buy a guitar for my son
I have been searched for hours and came arross a site
I like the cheap price
But how about the quality?
Is anyone dealing with them or dealt?
If so please give me some info.
TS I think you posted the link to the store's website, not the actual product
Hackney... take a look at http://rondomusic.com Good solid guitars and very low prices.

Price aside... Avoid Mcbub.
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My office webwasher just blocked that link so I wouldn't click on it guys.

[EDIT] pretty sure it's a Chinese adbot, imma ban it until it proves otherwise
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Why would you buy your son a cheap guitar to learn on? It sounds counterproductive. An old guitar lesson book I had recomended buying beginners the best acoustic electric you could afford. Don't split money between amp and guitar, you'll be unhappy with both. Spend the money on something he can play unplugged. Who wants to hear a beginner plugged in? Get the amp later. Get a good guitar that's easy to play, stays in tune, and won't hold him back because it's junk.