Hey guys, right so I'm a guitarist who has only recently started to play drums for half a year now and I have put my first drum cover up on youtube, if you could watch it and then give some feedback regarding what I could improve on or whatever stuff like that I just need feedback guys.

I think timing seems to be your main issue. Like the second part of the second verse, you suddenly sped up slightly and in a couple of the faster fills. I don't know how often you practice with a metronome, but it will definitely help you.

I can't quite tell from the video but you seem to be trying to force some of the fast parts, and using your arms a lot. To get faster you need to use more of your wrists and fingers to get that speed. I'd just watch some videos online and see if you can improve on your grip.

Saying that it wasn't bad at all, and most of it was in time, just a few issues here and there. Keep at it
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Yeah, it's fine for the most part, there are a few mistakes though nothing very obvious, just things like speeding up and/or getting slightly off time, though any mistakes are definitely isolated and not throughout the entire video. The parts with 16th notes on the snare and crash hits (the prechorus?) seems like it's kind of tricky for you also.

Also, I'm not sure if you have a bass drum where there's two tom mounts and you put one rack in either mount, but try and get your toms a bit flatter, more level and closer together. Makes playing fast stuff on them much easier. Would also recommend adjusting your cymbals so they're lower and easier to hit, especially the ride, it doesn't need to be as nearly as high as it is now.