Since I want to start playing electric guitar, I need to get a good electric guitar now.

I'm mostly interested in playing music like Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Alan Parsons Project, Genesis, etc.

I'm willing to spend some money on my first guitar. It doesn't have to be the cheapest beginner's guitar. I just want to have a good, solid guitar, which I can still enjoy after a few years when I have hopefully improved a lot. - A guitar, that also a Pro would consider good.

Would love to hear many suggestions!
Thanks for your help!
Man I'd go for an Ibanez SA260FM, I got mine for about $400 used and you can get them brand new for about $600. It's a great beginner guitar and it's really a great guitar to have later in your guitar playing life
If you're willing to spend some money on your first guitar, look at some higher end Agiles on rondomusic.com A $400-450 guitar from there gives you approximately the quality of a $600-650 guitar of most other brands. Look into either the ALs or any of the higher end models. Also, go 6 string for your first guitar.

Just make sure you get one with specs that would suit you. I made the mistake of getting a model I wasn't entirely sure about and ended up hating it and returning it for my new agile that I LOVE with a passion.

EDIT: Also, your amp is going to be VERY important to get the sounds you want, so another suggestion would be to get a slightly cheaper guitar and a pretty decent amp. Unless you can afford both good, then by all means
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@Megadethfan245 I'm not hating on Ibanez guitars but I think for Pink Floyd and his music tastes a decent Fender would be a good choice perhaps? Ibanez are not really for that style to be honest! :P

I would recommend a Fender Stratocaster Standard for a good guitar that will last. I recently purchased a Schecter and I am very impressed with it's all round ability. Mark Knopfler uses Schecter guitars so that's something to consider! A c-1 Standard might be a stretch on the budget slightly but I'd say it is worth it. If you don't want to spend as much I'd go for the Fender.
Sometimes the guitar will pick you! I would go to a local shop, even if you can't play a chord, see how it feels in your hands, the weight, balance all around. Sounds corny, but thats how I got my first elec/acoust. Plus you have a pro in some cases, to answer any questions you may have. Just a thought.
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