Hey guys,

I'm looking for a cool Overdrive/distortion pedal, for a tone like The Strokes and such.
I know they use the Visual Sound Jekyll& Hyde, but I'm not really sold on that one.

The J&H V2 design looks kind of childish and the knobs don't look too solid, so I'm considering other options in a price range of 150 dollars (200&euro.

I heared of the Fulltone GT 500. Reviews are mixed and I can't try it out (dot of the map).
Any thoughts ?
i used to have the j&h and its a solid piece of kit, sounded good and well priced. dont know a lot about the fulltome however.
I remember when i was in the search for an OD/Distortion, i tried the GT500, and from what i remember it sounded amazing! Real creamy (although since then my ear for tone has developed).

The only reason i didnt go for it was cos the price was pretty steep, and ended up going for my Keeley (very versatile, but you dont have the benefit of both Dist & OD on seperate sides).
So if you're willing to spend the money, the Fultone is great, and they're built very well, i have a Fulltone Wah.
I see, thanks!
My ear for tone isn't the best, I've only been playing for 1.5years. So I don't know...
The Fulltone goes for 200€ on thomann.