I am looking to get started in building my own guitars and was wondering what type of router to use? Will a Dremel Rotary Tool be worth buying? Is there any specific model you all prefer? Any special bits I need to get? Pretty much I'm hoping you guys can help me learn some basics about routers. Thanks everyone.
id look for one that has both a 1/4" & 1/2" collet
straight - bearing guided cutters, various lengths and widths
chamfur, round over bits

dremels are very usefull. mainly used for inlay work. can be used for a myraid of other guitar stuff.
buffing frets. screw holes. binding channels , control cover/ truss rod cover shaping ect ect
cutting metal (custom pickguard, pickup rings)
While you don't have to, it helps if you can also mount the router to a router table. I have a Craftsman professional series 2 1/2 hp router that has 1/2" and 1/4" collets that I use and never use the plunge part (I thought I would). I also have a little smaller Ryobi router mounted under a wing I made for my table saw. The table mounted routers make things like rounding over the body and cutting truss rod channels easy and consistent.
I use a plunge router, and yes a dremmel will work great for inlays.
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As with any tool.. buy the best you can afford! For routing hardwood, a minimum of (true) 1.5 hp (more would be better!) and geared plunge feature would be a start. Also look for one with a 1/2" collet standard. You can always adapt it down for a 1/4" shank bit.
You cant use a dremel for routing big areas, you need a proper router.

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