Well pit, we all fart. Furthermore, we all do it in public once in a while.

I farted in math last semester and it was horrible, no one knew it was me but they said stuff like 'DAMN. That was the wind straight off some shit!'

I died a little inside.

I'm usually lucky enough to avoid it being near other people or be able to get away before they know it was me. Sometimes you just can't though, tell us about it!
I farted in public once.
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Fart in crowd, stare at someone close by to me, everyone else joins in staring.
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just cough while you fart. sounds okay. unless the fart delays and it sounds like coughFART as if you had some sort of a system failure with your body.
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I once farted in the middle of the park, during the local small music festival.

Some children nearby actually started crying.

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Pooping is well good though, to be fair.

I've got a handle on the fiction.

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I was in Driver's Ed on day. Driving in a somewhat hot day. Windows closed. I just ate a meatball sandwich the period before. Then I felt a little fart come out...the teacher opened the window and said "Jesus, Albert."..I was like 'School food.."....Silent drive was silent.
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Some children nearby actually started crying.

Oh God.

Kid: Mom, what's that smell?
Mom: That is how the boogeyman smells like.
Kid: *cries*
In 6th grade some guy told a joke and my friend laughed so hard he farted. I then sneezed and farted at the same time.

In 9th grade I farted in the back of class because I was bloated and hoped nobody would smell it. But some girl did. She never knew it was me though

Oh and this one is classic:

In 9th grade in class I had to take a crap. So I headed into the bathroom. It was empty and I was just about to start when two ghetto guys walk in. So I begin hoping they don't hear me.

One guy says "Yo there's someone in there" They saw my legs.

I fart. Guy says "Dayum. That's a mean shit he's taking"

I fart again. "DAYUM DAT SHIT IS MEAN"

They leave. The End.
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One time in school a friend of mine sticked (or picked?) me in the side of my body. I immediately farted xD
Lol, that gif totally awesome!

And yes, I fart constantly. And in public, among my friends. But I am a cow, so that is tolerated.
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One guy says "Yo there's someone in there" They saw my legs.

I fart. Guy says "Dayum. That's a mean shit he's taking"

I fart again. "DAYUM DAT SHIT IS MEAN"

They leave. The End.
You should have said "He's not all bad once you get to know him".