So im looking to buy a Fender Jaguar or a Jazzmaster.
I can't afford an American Jag or Jazzmaster so my choices are:

The Classic player series (Made in Mexico)
Or the Japan built ones.

A new Classic Player jaguar cost as much as an new Japan Jaguar.
Which should i go for?

And what guitar do you think could handle more distortion? (Jazz or jag)
Japan>>>>>> Mexico
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Japan built are usually of higher quality.
But go to a music store and buy the one you think sounds best

Last question I can't answer since I only tried them through a clean channel tho' I pref a jag :P
How they handle distortion depends on the kind of distortion you're talking about and the kind of pickups they have. A traditional Jazzmaster won't sound good running into a big ENGL super high-gain amp with the gain maxed out but it does sound great running into something like a Fender Bassman with the gain about half up for classic blues drive. A more modern Jazzmaster with humbuckers won't sound as classic through the Bassman but it'll do metal a lot better. Jazzmasters and Jaguars have both been made with single coils and humbuckers so there's no way to tell them apart that way. It's not a case of Jazz vs Jag, it's humbucker vs single. So that's one thing.

Second thing is the feel. They feel totally different. The Jazzmaster is 1.5" longer scale than the Jaguar and that makes a huge difference to how you can play. Strings will be much looser on the Jaguar and the frets are spaced a lot closer together than on the Jazzmaster. 25.5" scale is common and is what most people are used to so for most peopel the Jazzmaster is always better. A lot of people do prefer the Jaguar 24" scale though. Nobody can tell you which one will be better for you. You gotta try them both out and see which scale length you prefer. Remember that pickups can always be changed but scale length can't be changed. You can always put single ocils in a guitar that came with humbuckers or humbuckers in a guitar that came with single coils but if you buy a guitar with a scale length you don't like then you're screwed. So that should really be the thing you base your purchase on.

But to answer the simple question, Japanese-made guitars are better than the Mexican-made guitars. Again though, there are more differences than just build quality. Different models have diferent fretboard radiuses, different fret sizes, different switching options, different woods. you gotta pick out the guitar that suits you best, don't buy a guitar just because it's made in a particular place. The MIM Fenders are not that much worse, plenty of pro musicians use them.
Thanks for a very good answer grohl1987!
When i play with distortion i play music like Grunge, Alternative, Brit-pop.

Im looking on this one, it costs around 1200 dollars new.
Good deal?

Otherwise this new for 1400 dollars
They're both good guitars, but if you go for single coils, the jaguar is a lot brighter than the jazzmaster (don't know what it's like for humbuckers). So be sure to play them both before you buy them because I completely changed my mind after playing them both...
And it'll definitely do what you're looking for. They respond pretty good to distortion (although that's more based on what amp you have than on what guitar you have).
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For grunge and britpop kinda tones the single coils will be best. So both those Jazzmaster and that Jaguar would be fine. So what you now gotta decide is whether you want 24" scale or 25.5" scale. That's the major difference. Tone-wise they'll sound about the same. The single ocils in the Jaguar are a little brighter-sounding but because the scale length is smaller and you need to use thiker strings that balances out the bright pickups. The Jazzmaster has warmer and thicker-sounding pickups but the longer scale and thinner strings that that need balance those out. So sound-wise they're almost exactly the same. Pick whichever scale length you prefer.
Japan Jazzmaster - 1400$ incl. Hardcase

Classic Player Jazzmaster 1200$

I like the color more on the classic player one..
Hard choice!
Man, there sure are a lot of Fender Japan threads here lately.